Monday, March 12, 2018

Let e tidying begins

For the past few days, I have been clearing stuffs, throwing away;clothes, shoes, books, greeting cards,toys. Threw away probably 20 to 30 kg worth.  More to come~

So, i found. 365. A book I shall utilize whens shes born. Note to self. Experiences from past diary writing, keep it consistent! Usu handwriting gets worse, entries shorten haha..

Lastly. I love you, mummy.

P.s I love your red luggage. So trendy!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The popcorn pops!

Was 18 weeks and 6 days yesterday. For the first time, I feel e kick. To me, it feels like popcorn poping. Mild, but definitely there.

Above.  Is the first thing dad bought for his daughter.  We were in a bookshop browsing. He showed it to me, and quietly approached e cashier. Paid and packed into his bag. Verry cute.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

This Saturday

We woke up feeling bored. So off we go to SZ. For his fav Heytea and noodles for me. These spontaneous short trips. Wouldnt be as manageable when she arrives. Enjoy!

Muackz. Love you to the moon. And back ;)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Counting my blessings.

I am a happy person. Or at least I try to be.

Makes it easier to be happy. When you learnt to count your blessings. There is 1, from today.

We just rented out Metropole today. Took us 2 weeks to rent out. Satisfactory rent. Lease starts tomorrow.

Goodbye for now MET. Take good care.

Rotten apples and tree

This is an entry about friends around you. One day, I was asking YJ about contact of an electrician. Her ans: I decided to spring clean my contact list, deleted that..Now in total, she has 31 numbers saved. Her exact"really, these are the people I wanna stay in touch."

Bring me to my recent encounter.  I dont want 2b specific. But in essence. One has got cheap actions, poor characters. And as we always say, action speaks louder than words.  To start, the action is cheap. Comes along, words(all talk no action) does indeed makes it cheaper. Conclusion; STAY AWAY from ROTTEN apples and tree. A pity. Makes me sad. But I do hate rotten. Really, cheap rotten apples, you actually lost alot by having these cheap actions. ALOT. Pity.

More importantly, on a positive note;) Makes your FRIENDS CLOSER pple.

My daily~

Indeed. I am feeling kind of bored recently. I cant exercise (YET). And obviously I am not working too. Basically, eat, sleep and poop like a baby. EAT; also includes prenatal vitamins. Muackz 17 weeks 5 days now. 157 days to go baby;)

CNY 2018 HK

Wasnt a big affair for us this year. My aunties and cousin flew over on new year eve for couple days. Enjoyed their company and bgt back fond memories of our childhood. Ken and I will have Anderson Ice cream at Parkway, go for bus rides because he loves bus(guess what,  he still loves his bus rides now haha). Simple but yet an affair we look forward to every wk/mth.