Monday, May 15, 2017

Today @ Sheung Wan Station

I was an eye witness. Who is unsure of what I have saw. Chinese dad with 3yr old son. Came out of the MTR gantry. Went to a nearest pillar, took off son's pants(together with diapers) and peed.

Few seconds laters, staff approached, about to pose a penalty. In micro seconds, the Chinese dad explained; he took off son's pants to change diapers. But son couldnt help but peed. It didnt take the staff more than 1 second to conclude, dad was lying.

I asked Yellow what will he do? He said he will ask the son. Did you take off pants to change diapers or pee?

Me? I cant decide. I want to believe the dad, but having seen what I saw, it tough to decide. Dad was with a backpack, he didnt even gesture to take out diapers.

Who will you do? If it is an angmo dad, will you be more inclined to believe him?